James Duffin

“Lifting the Veil delivered everything I wanted and more! A radical paradigm shift from what I thought tracking was all about and also an experience at a deeply personal level. Thank you for your patient instruction and for showing me what's possible.”

Lifting the Veil

Peter Friebel

“From July 18th to July 25th, 2012, I had the pleasure of having Geoffrey over at our school to teach me practice and also teach tracking.

My tracking knowledge was very rough and basically self-taught. Over the years I instinctively felt that I needed to spend time on Tracking and Nature Awareness because Nature Awareness played a significant part in my experiences in the wild. The ability to track fascinated me as to me it seemed to be the ultimate form of Nature Awareness and the foundation of the wilderness living skills of the past and present aboriginal people around the world.

Apart from wanting to know more and raise my own skill level I was also driven by the desire to teach both tracking and Nature Awareness. At the time I already cooperated with Geoffrey on a winter tracking course here in Sweden (which we will have again in 2013!) and also on trying to promote his wilderness therapy here in Sweden. Obviously I was well aware of Geoffrey's Tracking and Nature Awareness philosophy and could not imagine a better suited mentor. For me it is very important that Nature Awareness is seen as an obvious and natural part of tracking but without trying to reproduce the ways of peoples and cultures not my own. Geoffrey's I.T.M. offers just that balance and depth and it strongly appealed to me as a model for my own efforts to teach tracking.

Now, I could write a whole book on the week we spend together but instead I will try to convey to you the most important experience from the course:

If you have never thought about or experienced the abilities, lying dormant in all of us, to connect and interact with the environment on an energetic or intuitive level. You are truly in for a major mind blowing! I had, previously, thought about and experienced such things but still I wasn't prepared for the things that Geoffrey showed me I could do. And that is the beauty of it: It is not something you will learn gradually or step by step but rather something that you suddenly demonstrate to yourself you can do. Geoffrey's role can be seen as the facilitator more than a teacher because my feeling is that I taught myself. In my opinion that make Geoffrey the best teacher you can wish for!

At the same time I do not want to diminish the enormous amount of knowledge Geoffrey possess on the subject of tracking of course. Large parts of the course were dedicated to teaching pressure releases, aging of tracks, track pursuit and lost track drills etc. etc. These things too I find fascinating and applying them in my own environment (the boreal forests) has been a fantastic experience.

For me it all comes together when these skills and methods merge into a personal tracking method and are seamlessly applied to get the job done: The Integrated Tracking Method!”

Respect Geoffrey!

Lead Instructor at VaraVild Bushcraft School

 Shane Engelbrecht

Hi Geoffrey

“Thanks very much for that tracking booklet it is a real gem of information that will help me get started on the road to tracking! Okay, last night I was thinking about the course, in fact I have been thinking about it a lot since then! I enjoyed the tracking course very much, and the name of Lifting the Veil for the course is an apt description as it certainly opened up my eyes to the amazing and ancient art of tracking. I found your teaching style laid back, easy to follow and very informative. The informal atmosphere of camping, cooking our own meals around a common camp fire was great as it gave everyone the opportunity to get to know each other.

The Forest was a great place to test our tracking skills, but one of the most amazing experiences was the getting to know a tree experience. I could well relate to this on the “spiritual” side of tracking while it may seem alien to people from the West, however, it is a common aspect of life here in Africa, and it really sharpened my senses. I also think that this exercise was the perfect example of actually becoming whatever it is you are tracking – getting into their mind, which is probably the difference between an average tracker and excellent tracker. I look forward to applying these new found skills in the future, and attending your more advanced course.”

Eastern Wilderness School - South Africa

Kwan Tuakli

"I have had the great pleasure of witnessing Geoffrey work. His knowledge of the topic was astounding and his presentation was engaging. My favourite aspect of seeing the way he works, was experiencing his interweaving of attention to detail with attention to clients. He knows what he wants to get across but allows himself the wiggle room to put it across in the way that the individual needs to receive it. If nothing else, I hope I learned that from him."

Lifting the Veil

Hi Geoffrey

"There is a very "live" feel to your tracking course which makes the attendee see the landscape as it is rather than through the prism of a manufactured exercise. Although there is structure, lest anyone think it's entirely informal but I like the way you mould the general structure around the person you're teaching, as it is important that people not just learn the rules but how to implement what the rules represent for what they need, which is true of anything someone learns for themselves and not mere necessity.

You seem better able to understand that than many wilderness teachers. I still have a lot to learn about tracking, but you've helped me see through the door which wasn't quite shut but still needed opening fully. From here I can see many other shut and difficult doors which is a little daunting but at least I know they're there.

In general I like the hand-out as it's very concise and I'll probably take it out with me doing any practice I'll do and your use of differing environs to demonstrate what you know so through your seeing things differently due to a new environ the student see's your process, which is useful. All in all I enjoyed myself... Looking forward to the chase course.

Film Industry - Lifting the Veil

James (Badger)

"Hey Geoffrey it's Badger hope you're doing well I just wanted to tell you I thought your method of teaching and explaining was great and I really wanted to let you know I would defiantly like to try a longer course with you in the future.

Thanks again you've really opened my eyes to something i never would have believed possible."

Lifting the Veil

James Dyer

Hi Geoffrey

"I found the course really good, I have re-discovered an interest in tracking that has been a bit latent in recent years. The course gave me some real insights into the skills and I was particularly interested in the harmonisation with nature that really resonated with me. I can't find any negative from the programme as everything we did build on the last element and was a comprehensive intro to the subject...

Since the weekend I have started to look at how I can take my tracking forward particularly in regards to wildlife tracking, as I think it will really work with my expedition career. It was great to spend the time in your company and I have learnt a great deal."

All the best

Lifting the Veil