Andy Tomkinson

“I will never forget... It was a most memorable day in the forest with my family and friends. I experienced natural phenomenon I had been skeptical about. Geoffrey unlocked some secrets I would have missed or disregarded through indifference. As a result, it hasn't changed my life, but it has enriched some of life's qualities. I recommend anyone, at any age, and with any background should benefit from the same opportunity Geoffrey offered us.”

Director of the Business Continuity

“Geoffrey worked on a number of outward bounds projects with me in 2002 involving some very troubled and challenging young men. Every time, with minimal introductions, he managed to gain not only the attention but also the respect of these young men. His impression was such that some still ask about him now!” 

Ian Watkins

Footsteps, Basildon Essex

Richard Gould

“Geoffrey is pioneering the use of nature connection as a therapeutic tool with great results. His style is inspiring but down to earth and he also brings high levels of personal integrity to his work.”
Gould Ecology
 Wendy Aliker

“Geoffrey has an innate sense of oneness with nature which is both, awe inspiring and infectious. He opens up a world to his clients that most of us could never have guessed was there. His approach to addiction is innovative and hugely successful. There are very few people in this world that one can say “I would trust him with my life" but amazingly, on his courses, I would and it would be true. Everyone should have the chance to experience nature in the raw and there is no better guide than Geoffrey McMullan at Pathfinder-UK.”

“I know Geoffrey very well from my participation in his classes relating to spirituality, wilderness and tracking. Geoffrey has considerable experience in these areas and his broad understanding of nature, the wilderness and human beings makes him an excellent leader and teacher. I recommend Geoffrey without reservation.”

Senior Principal, Consultant, Research Fellow Tanaka Business School (Imperial College)Global Insight

Robin van Creveld

“If the thought of taking a bunch young city kids from "colourful" backgrounds into the woods and letting them experiment with food, fire and knives for a day fills you with angst, fear not help is at hand! Geoffrey McMullan! Geoff is 100% all there. Present centred, honest and on time! He is perceptive and powerful and has the rare gifts of leadership, empathy and humour. He also knows all the birds . . . Work with this guy!!!"

Director, Community Chef